Toiletriesbag – black


  • recycled sailcloth (100% PES)
  • coated lining & bottom (100% PES)
  • color black with crème sails
  • outside net pocket with zip closure
  • inside Zip- pocket
  • handy wrap closure
  • 2 hooks to hang up the bag and to close it

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  • smartest toiletriesbag you ever had with wrap closure & hooks
  • 2 hooks to clip the bag somewhere
  • outside net pocket with zip closure
  • color of lining, bottom and net is black with crème sails (the sails are unique so basic color is an off white and not a pure white, color and stitching will vary as this depends on the raw sail)
  • coated lining & bottom which is water resistant and easy to clean
  • inside zip pocket


  • after taken of the boats the sails are washed and ironed which cleans them but also makes them softer before they are recycled into accessories
  • every sail is unique and carries on some unique stitches and marks from its previous life
  • the used sails are the main material and provide strength and durability

Please note that we don’t pre-produce as we don’t want to create overstock. That’s part of our mission for sustainability. Based on our capacity we will produce your order individually on demand. Please place your order and we will update you about the delivery time.

Thanks for your understanding!


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