SAILMATE is specialized on customizing bags for business customers. We believe that the needs of our customers are unique and want to create the perfect bag for them. With a focus on the customer’s branding and co-branding of SAILMATE we create an individual look that represents our customer’s name or logo in a printed or embroidered execution. Customization is also part of our sustainable roots. We upcycle used sails and produce locally to minimize the ecological footprint to a minimum. Additionally, we can offer production with a positive social impact.

To avoid waste and overproduction which is a big issue in the textile industry, we produce according to the quantity and look that is actually demanded. We are starting from a minimum order of 50 pieces and fulfill smaller reorders. Along the whole creation process we try to make as much positive impact as possible. For our customers and for our environment.

Create your own sailmate bag and get an impression of our latest collaborations.

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